Clear Your Yard of Ugly Stumps

Clear Your Yard of Ugly Stumps

Providing stump removal services in Hillsboro and Wilmington, OH

You have to let go to grow, and that applies to eliminating that obstructive stump in your yard. Get it done the right way with professional stump removal services. Each contractor at Embree Landscaping and Tree Service is qualified to remove stumps of all sizes. To reduce waste, we'll grind your removed stump then fill the empty hole with the remaining mulch.

Reach out to our team today to schedule your stump removal services. We provide special discounts for senior citizens and veterans in Hillsboro and Wilmington, OH.

Frolic without fear

Our stump grinding services are designed to improve the look of your landscape. While appearance is important, function is everything. By grinding your stump down to ground level, we're able to eliminate the risk of injury from tripping and falling.

If you need stump grinding services in Hillsboro or Wilmington, OH, call now to schedule your appointment.